Anwer Ali: Designer & Educator

University of Narowal - Logo Design

The logo of ‘University of Narowal’ is designed to depict a modern and progressive image in public sector higher educational institutions. The modern and progressive design doesn’t mean to deviate from the socio-cultural roots of the institution which is an important factor to establish a unique identity. The design form was initiated from a book page that evolved in a waving flag. The design is an inspiration from Islamic design both geometry and calligraphy. The negative area within the design translates a merging ‘u’ and ‘n’ initials for 'University' and 'Narowal' respectively. The positive area which is depicted in green is a dyad of Kufic calligraphy and a waving flag. Keeping in mind the current identity design-scape of public sector universities this logo has the potential to stand out from the generic logo designs in a local and global context.